Strobe Pimp Your Mavic Pro Now!


So I’ve made and sold quite a few of these strobe mounts, I’ve really enjoyed the late and calm evenings lately.
Absolutely loving these mounts.


Are you flogging these on eBay mate?

Dramatically increases LOS doesn’t it :smiley:


No, so far most have been word of mouth as I’m a BMFA member.


Sign me up! How you selling them?



Send me a PM for details…:+1:


Ooh yes they surely do…:grin:

I’ll post an evening flight with the Inspire strobes, 6 off…:scream_cat:

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Very Nice.

Are these able to detach easy as i have a hard case moulded for the MP2 ?


I believe the arm cross-sections on the M2P are different to the MP, so they may not for anyway?

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They are easily attached and detached by design and type of PLA I’ve sourced and so far everyone who has had them has been a Mavic Pro 1 owner. looking at comparisons on YouTube the arms look very similar but with much more radius.

If you could confirm how close these dimensions are around the (middle) of the arm to yours I can compensate in the drawings.

Rear Arm.

Front Arm.


Will have a look when i get home from work, have mp and mp2

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I use Strobon strobe LEDs. They really do add to LOS even in the day.

One thing that is important to note… If you add strobes to your quad, the strobes must not be co-ordinated in the same fashion as they would be on an aircraft. Any lighting attached to the quad must not lead someone to accidentally mistake the quad as an aircraft. I discovered this in one of the books of wisdom while reading up for adding night flight capability to my PfCO.

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That’s the good thing with the Cree as they are completely random if you start them moments apart.


That is true - however, the red/green/white navigation lights on planes are always constant lights, not strobes, so is this a legal issue?
And, aircraft navigation lights are rarely to be found below 400ft for a confusion to arise.


The guidance just states that the UAV lighting should not be in a formation that could lead to it being mistaken for an aircraft or helicopter.

The PfCO assessor that I had gave the following examples…

If you were to place white strobes on the arms of the craft and red ones top and bottom, this could lead the UAV to be mistaken as being an aircraft at distance.

If you were to place both red and white strobes top and bottom of the UAV, this could lead to it being mistaken for a helicopter at distance.

Both of the above could be made worse if you place LED spot lights to the front of the craft to provide forward illumination.

Again, this would could be made even worse in slightly reduced viability.

Police and emergency helicopters sometimes operate below these heights.


That all make sense.


I don’t think that if you were at 400ft being overflown by a full size at 500ft they’d think your drone is another full sized aircraft. The drone light are too close to each other for that to be confusing, but they’d serve their purpose in making it obvious you’re there.

I’ve written to the CAA for an official guidance on this matter.


Here is an extract form the CAA to my query…

Dear Lance

Thank you for your enquiry. There are no rules on lights and what is legal to use. All night operations need to be kept VLOS. There is no such rules on types or colours of lights you can use and where they can be fitted. You may see these rules in foreseeable future but currently no such rules exists. If you wish to operate at nights for additional safety measures, please refer to ORS4 no:1277 for more information.

Kind regards,

Omkar Satti
Shared Services Officer

Consumers and Safety
Civil Aviation Authority

Tel: 03300 221908 (opening times Monday-Friday 9.30am-3.00pm excluding bank holidays)

Follow us on Twitter: @UK_CAA

Please consider the environment. Think before printing this email.


Oh dear!

Unleash the pimping!



@Njoro sorry i have not got back to you, been a very hectic time. :relieved:

I have both the Mavic pro and Mavic 2,

Is it certain dimensions you want i can get them both out and measure/take pics if needed :+1:


It’s for the Mavic 2 arms, have look at the sketch, Mavic Pro mounts are available and may fit the Mavic 2



Look at the earlier post the sketch is clearer.

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