Strobon Cree Standalone - Switching On/Off

Is it something I’m doing wrong but I find switching these Strobes on and off really hard. You have to really squeeze with a lot of pressure the tiny button area with finger and thumb on either side of the module to get them to strobe or power off? I’ve just got two white and one green and one red and they all work fine but getting them to strobe is a real pain. Then of course these things are so darned bright that you get blinded while trying to switch them off. They come wrapped in what sort of looks like a protective shrink wrap cover. I take it this has to be left on to give the module protection in the air right?

Someone on another thread recommended wearing sunglasses but when setting up for a night flight I’m thinking sun glasses would be more of a hindrance than a benefit. I just can’t feel any movement in the miniature on/off button on the modules. Anyway would welcome some feedback in case I’m doing something wrong.

They are not the easiest thing in the world to switch on/off - a problem with many devices that are necessarily quite small.

I’ve never needed to apply much pressure directly to the button itself, but never not to the “general area” as you imply. The button, as small as it is, stands proud and light pressure held on that switches them on/off OK.

The plastic shrink-wrap cover that they have is essential to hold the battery in place to the remainder of the circuit board (which carries the switch), and shouldn’t be removed.

I doubt there has been a recommendation, as such, but their brightness does generate quite a few “banter suggestions” as to what one might do.
I’ve never needed anything to protect my eyes since I have them mounted to the underside of the arms and can easily locate them, and the switch button, with the arm fully shielding my eyes from their direct light.


Put a little dab of superglue on the plastic cover, right above the button, let it dry, then repeat until you build up a nice little bump. You’ll need to use superglue that’s not too thin or it will spread out, either that or use a little activator with it.


Brilliant tip. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Yeh I know what you mean. To avoid the dazzle I tend to place the actual LED under the pad of my thumb or finger & rock onto the switch.

I was assured by an oprtcian that a bright LED will not harm the eyes ithey ONLY give a possible irritation. No permenant damge will occur…of course, the usua;lly “blob” persitamncy will be with you for a while til it wears off.

The method I use is a thumb over the LED and DJI screwdriver handle to press the switch :grinning:

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Yeah. I’m also using the thumb over the LED trick. It’s amazing how the light goes right through the blood of your fingers and skin. They are frickin’ bright. When I first got the strobe working on the white one I couldn’t turn it off cos’ of the stiffness of the button under the shrink wrap. By the time I got it sussed I was virtually blind. LOL! Had to lie down for 5 minutes as the light treatment/torture made me feel sick. If they make em even brighter they’re going to have to put em through elf and safety. LOL.

OK I have free’d up the button from the shrink wrap cover and the module is a lot easier to operate. I did it by cutting a square around the button using headband magnifier, a modeling scalpel with new pointed blade and precision tweezers and a steady hand. Basically you cut a square into the plastic wrap as close to the button as possible without actually cutting into the black button. It’s essential you cut into the wrap with the cuts on the top of the metal body of the switch and not outside the metal body of the switch. That way the shrink wrap is still tensioned under the switch body and in terms of tension over the module nothing is changed. The only thing changed is that the round switch button is now free of the shrink wrap and you have easier tactile feedback when pressing the switch. You feel the movement and get a positive clicking.
A highly magnified photo is attached showing the cuts marked by the 4 arrows. It may look a bit messy but the pic is magnified. With the naked eye looking down on the module you can hardly see the cutouts. It took me around 5 minutes per module to make the cuts and lift the plastic away with pointed tweezer.
If anyone wants to copy this mod I strongly suggest ONLY using a scalpel (precision surgical / modeling) and doing it wearing some sort of magnifying glasses otherwise you will mess it up. The difference between the free button and a button under the shrink wrap is like night and day.

Not a operation for a buffoon like me.

Nice little mod and a top tip :clap:t2:

Thats quite simple and easy, never thought of that!!! Thanks