Strobon CREEs attached to a DJI Inspire with 3D printed mounts

First up, a sincere ‘thank you’ to @Njoro for printing these mounts :blush:

Secondly, sorry for yet another Strobon CREE thread!

I’ve long been a fan of these LEDs on my Mavic Pro, they really help with finding the bird in the sky after you’ve looked down at your screen, looked up again at the AC only to find its vanished in to thin air in the blink of an eye. We’ve all been there eh? :rofl:

I have two white ones on the rear arms of the Mavic, once facing forward, one facing backwards, so I wanted to apply the same to the Inspire.

I came across this bracket on Thingiverse:

It’s a “remix” of the Mavic Pro LED holders:

And the Inspire Trackimo mount:

My God, 3D printing technology is amazing, isn’t it?

I’ve done the same thing as I did on the Mavic and attached one facing forwards and one facing backwards.

They attach to the boom arms with cable ties.

The CREEs sit a little loose in their holders. Not so loose that they’d fall out on their own, but they might move within their holders on a more aggressive flight (I’ll let you know soon)

I needed to make sure they didn’t fowl the transformation landing gear either.

Especially as there are three different positions for the legs:

@MementoMori asked how it fits in the case with these attached.

The answers is ‘just fine’, but I’ve got the standard Inspire case.

A custom case with differently cut foam might need tweaking?


Rich, what we all want to know is, have you flown it yet? :wink:

It does look really sleek in black.


Excuse the dodgy iPhone video but you’ll get the idea:

Not sure what’s up with the audio, sounds like a Chinook :rofl:



All these mods and I’m ashamed to say that the poor aircraft has never even seen the light of day yet :frowning_face:

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Even a Chinook needs props to make that sound. :stuck_out_tongue:

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And I still need to write a post about how I came to be an Inspire owner…

The word ‘punt’ doesn’t quite cover it!!

… may have been spelled incorrectly. :rofl:

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Modding’s half the fun mate.

Are you making a custom flight case/groundstation for this one?

Going by the size of the mavic one, logic dictates you’d need a trailer for the inspire lol.


Imagine the size of the antenna!!!

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LOL! :rofl:

And here was I, thinking the exact same thing about all you Disco owners a few months ago :smiley:


Your Strobons and that stage … errr … trailer … and you have yourself a mobile Disco … '70s style!

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I printed some translucent mounts today, they light up great, I can’t wait to test them out properly now.