Anyone know the difference between the STROBON Standalone strobe and the
STROBON Cree® Standalone?

The Strobon Crees are bright, bloody bright !.
I will guarantee if you looked at them for just 5 seconds, you will see spots before the eyes for several more minutes !!.
Cree LEDs ARE the best in the world.

But what is the differance beteen the 2 ? is it just that the stoorobon cree comes wuth a usb charging cable ?

It’s down to the Brightness the Cree’s are the bollocks, visible for up to
3 miles !
The Standalone are a different type of LED unit, hence cheaper, and probably do not last as long in life span.
Both are rechargeable and take about an hour to charge.
Want my sound advice, go for the Cree’s you will not regret it 1

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Cheers Chris

… once your eyesight returns, that is. :rofl:

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Just make sure you put your finger over the LED before you switch it on !.

Sun bed goggles.


I notice they were downward facing would they still fold facing front and rear?

I tried putting one on each arm facing down, red and green on the front and two whites on the back, I wanted to improve VLOS and help with orientation, to be honest they didn’t make any significant improvement to VLOS . I had no trouble folding the arms.

They also messed with my compass, the only time I have had a warning to calibrate the compas was when I had the strobes on the drone, and it happened everytime I went to fly, so in the end I took them off.

They would obviously make a difference if you were flying at night.

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As mentioned in another thread - it will have been the front ones affecting the compass. Never had any issues with the rear. Did you try just the rear ones?

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Strobes affected my compass on MP and M2P.

Problem is you calibrate them in but if they are removable you might not put them on in the same way they came off.

Also had this issue with my tracker until I realised placing it in the same orientation and bang in the centre of velcro stopped it.

I’m going to cable tie my strobes to M2P which should avoid the issue altogether once calibrated.

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Never had to recalibrate my MP once - for anything - let alone strobes.


I had a strobon on each leg and a tracker up top near the nose.

Like you said rear ones are fine but front and tracker need a calibration.

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I’ve not had the tracker on the M2P now I think about it

A lot more trusting in the tech and the new rules have pretty much put a stop to my 4 mile out flights.