Some pics after my drift dive at Lochcarron today. Video is on my YouTube channel


Awesome pics.

Stunning pictures - thanks for sharing

A friend of mine has a cottage at the entrance to the village, and we have stayed there previously.
He got married at Eillan Donan and the ceremony was awesome.
The guy that lives in the cottage at the end next to the Loch, (fisherman) was one of the guests as his wife did all the catering at the local village hall Ceileigh and he breezed in wearing full Highland Clan ensemble looking like something out of Braveheart.

It always amused me when we got to the entrance to the hamlet/village (not sure how it is represented) and the sign said :-

Stromeferry. - ( No Ferry)
Some wag had written underneath in black marker pen :-

“Nae shop -Nae Pub - Fuck All “

It is a long while since we have been there so it may well have been painted over, but a story always worth telling.


Ha ha. Sounds about right. Sign has no paint on it and still NO ferry :joy::+1:. Cracking part of the country though :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿:+1:

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