Stunning Walk yesterday in the Derbyshire Dales


Looks good that mate. We’d planned to ingleton to see the waterfalls but ended up going to Bakewell instead as it’s closer

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Oh right not heard of those but defo look into going :+1:t3:

Mind you bet there isn’t much water flowing over them at the mo :sunny:

I checked trip adviser for recent reviews and no moaning that there was no water so was gonna chance it.

2 hour each way and crap weather meant we decided on closer and better weather

Iv just googled it and it looks great well worth a visit :+1:t3:

Love the Peak District and Derbyshire Dales. Here’s some more places to visit, at link below with my favourite Kinder Scout (being the highest for the views and spectacular Edale Valley).

Things to do

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