Sudden motor stop?

After an auto take off, all 4 motors on the MP2 cut off. Luckily it was an inch off the floor. I checked the batt and props and I couldn’t see any issues. Took off again and had some long issue-free flights. Maybe it’s just a random occurrence but slightly worrying…

Shall I contact DJI or, as this was one out of many flights, just monitor?


I would still look at the flight logs to see what caused it.
Maybe just a glitch,but,not a glitch you want at 400 ft 500 yards away!.
If it was me ( and I have yet to fly my Mp2p!) it would cause my bum to tweak just a tad!, I would certainly want to know what caused it!.
Maybe that the flight was so short, that no info is available.

Once the motors are started, all logging is active.


Quite the worry that isnt it?

Glad to hear your flights afterwards were fine but still a concern non the less.

im just going to throw this is in, using my position as a newbie to wedge in a (novice) thought.

if in flight, you somehow inadvertently push the sticks to their emergency off position (possible use of incorrect terminology there) what actually happens to the motors at any given height?

im just wondering how easy it is to accidentally find yourself shutting down the motors ?

I ask because when I had my indoors crash t’other day I pushed the sticks to their bottom left / bottom right position to shut the motors off whilst my M2P was in my hand. (had to use my nose!)

Just thinking if this might have caused a shutdown? I know…probably not but just a thought.

Firstly - think about what would be happening to your drone if you had full down/right on the left stick, full down/left on the right stick.

It would be descending at full speed whilst spinning (yawing) to the right at full speed whilst trying to fly diagonally back/left at full speed.
The chances of you getting to that in flight are close to zero, and, as I saw in another forum, if you can manage that accidentally, then the chances are it’s good to find out as soon as possible that drone flying probably isn’t for you. :wink:

Also - there is a setting that they can only function “… in Emergencies only”.
The downside of this is that there’s nothing documented by DJI as to what does/doesn’t constitute an Emergency. So most people never use that setting rather than discover their idea doesn’t coincide with DJI’s when you absolutely need it.


I believe / I’ve read … that turning the drone upside-down stops the motors.
Since I’ve never had the kind of emergency to try this out, I can’t confirm. (I must test!).

HAHAHAH I know I know…youd have to be pretty loopy loo to be getting your drone in that position…buuuut say you ‘stupidly’ did it by sheer accident trying to pull off a disco move (as you do) 250ft up?! . It only crossed my mind after shutting my drone off with my nose. Again, pretty unlikely.

I did try to turn it upside down but nothing happened except my M2P went haywire (forcing me to use the sticks to do it). Admittedly I may have been a bit intimidated by the rotors increase in speed as I did so meaning I perhaps turned it upside down little too timidly. As you say, I must test this too!

Since at that moment there was probably no stick input, then the Mavic (despite the recent abuse :stuck_out_tongue: ) is trying to maintain a level attitude - so it would fight against you … yes.

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Yes, thats exactly what I thought it was doing, trying to right itself. It basically won round 1!!! Think Tyson getting up off the canvas in Round 12 last week :joy::facepunch:

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anyone got a 12" thick 12 foot square of foam?.
I will be watching this bird like a hawk, scus the pun!.
I have already had one issue after the first firmware update?.
not sure yet if it’s a bum camera?, when fired up with no props!, the camera was/is constantly showing the red square and auto focusing, maybe just me ,or a setting I have overlooked.
I hopefully intend to have trail flight in the park later (weather permitting).
I was always under the impression that YOU instigate auto focus.
(excuse me while I wipe the drool off the drone, can’t wait to get it airborne!)


Can’t wait for your thoughts and some photos and videos Chris

Im tryng to remember how my own M2P camera behaves…i dont think the red square is on all the time…got me thinking now. Will check when Im next in the air!

I always (with Mavic Pro) have tapped the screen and it autofocuses, this was a bloody nuisance constantly bleeping and going off on the MP2P !.
I will try it later to see if it has cleared, I am hoping so !.

Got an inch above the grounD and suddenly stopped.

The rear green lights were flashing quickly for a few seconds and then went back to normal. It’s been perfect ever since, maybe a few short flights where it’s not going to disappear before I’m comfortable with it.

That’s the indication that the home point has been set.

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Took the drone out again And flew over a large field. Absolutely no problem even in medium strength wind. I’m hoping that what happened yesterday was a random event. I did have a GoPro on top when it happened but I’ve flown it with a go pro before and All was well. I did notice something yesterday from the flight data, it did have a cold battery warning! Prehaps the batteries weren’t quite ready to deal with a little bit extra weight straight away!?

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Doubt cold batteries were to blame, but in cold weather - keep the batteries in a jacket inside pocket to keep them warm right up until you put them in the Mavic.

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