Suicide in the Woods Mission

Shot on my Mavic Mini in P mode (I forgot about Cine mode in the excitement!!). All comments and critiques welcome.


Heart was in my mouth !! lol Great control
Im delighted the leaves are back - easier to see them pesky twigs.

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Great precision flying. You’re either a good pilot or foolish but very lucky pilot. the end shot could have happened throuhout the flight. Hope your bird survived.

@ BusyBee
LOL. Thank you for your comments. I can’t comment on that as I am a fairly new pilot, so probably lucky. The Mini was drifting quite a lot, which was a bit unnerving. I think I might try a similar thing again when the weather improves but use the M2P, which is much more stable. Will remember to use tripod mode lol.

Oh, and yes, the MM is fine.

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Nice…enjoyed watching…am new to game and await the arrival of my Mavic Air 2, can’t wait to get out and about, so relaxing and will be awesome to view your own footage…thanks for posting

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