Sun glare hood for the MA

Anyone on here use this or anything similar:

I was looking for a shade for the phone but stumbled on this

Not seen these for the Air before (seen them for the Pro).

But at £2.51 delivered, I’d say it was worth a punt :smiley:

A bit more expensive but I am awaiting the arrival of the pgytech shade


I’ve got the pgytech lens and controller hood for MP.

Nothing to compare it to but well worth the money.

Hey Callum,
Which controller hood did you get out of interest. Do you have a picture


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Just checked my Amazon orders and its this one,

Not sure why it says Hensych now.

Yup I have one of those on order.
I have one for my iPhone too which I got when I bought my tello. I modded it to have a top cover as well which improved things greatly

May do the same for my iPad… cheaper than a CS hehe

I just received my Pgytech lens hood as well.

Looks good…