Sunday 16/3/20 Bedworth or Hinckley

Hi all.
Anyone up for a meet this Sunday? Hawesbury golf course unless we get a better offer.
@Steviegeek @Wyntrblue @evilbobbins @Jumpmaster @AndyCortez and ANYONE ELSE!

not Gonna be out for a while dude. Thanks for the invite tho :slight_smile:

All Rugby union has been suspended until 14th April. So my spot in Leamington should be free too. Saturday and/or Sunday.

Not sure what we’re doing this weekend now our flights to Poland have been cancelled. Missus probably still wants to go away somewhere for the weekend though. If not, I’m in.

Cool. If no one turns up, I will be self isolating. In a rugby field.


I can do anytime Saturday and Sunday morning, got Mothering Sunday visiting duties Sunday afternoon.
Don’t mind where within an hour of Nuneaton :smile::smile:
Cheers Steve

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With probably the only bar that’s open in the U.K.

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Sorry mate, at Leominster, 70th birthday won’t be back until next Monday in caravan

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Happy birthday! Don’t go near anyone lol.

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Thanks Karl,

You can sing happy birthday to yourself twice every time you wash your hands :laughing:
Enjoy, and stay safe on your travels
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Steve

Probably won’t be able to fly this weekend as last night my taranis had a fight with gravity and exploded some switches so want it get that fixed properly before I go flying next