Sunny Day in Donny


Great shot, what did you stitch it with?

Where abouts in donny is this and where is the fire in the distance?

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Just spent 5 minutes looking for a fire, can’t see one.

@speatuk I need to get the mini 2 so I can fly anywhere!! must be lovely to just take off in a residential area? Great pic, I even love the sun ‘rings’

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I took the photo with the Mini2 and “it” stitched it

where I live :joy:


Do you mean this

no I didn’t spot it until you asked

Yeah, I was looking at her and thought, hmmmm, chuck her up, (all my drones are “she’s” this one is called Maud) so I did.

Sun rigs are just part of Kuula, you just add them in post.

You mean used dji fly app to stitch it?
Never used that, I tried with lightroom but it leaves the seam line showing :confused:

Yep take the 360 pano, then open the fly app and it populates the photo into a pano, upload it to kuula and check the “hide stitching line if visible” at the bottom of the settings in kuula and voila

Screenshot 2021-03-31 161630

only done one thing in kuula, i looked at the sun rays on that and they looked terrible, will have to look at the rings next time!

don’t alter this, leave it at zero, as it just washes the sun/sky out

Screenshot 2021-03-31 164514

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Nice one Steve - good looking 360 :+1: :+1: :+1:


thanks John.


here is the same one straight from the drone, this is not the one cached on the phone same as above, this is the full 40mb one off the drone sd card, so much more detail


You can almost see your house from here ;o)

Mini 2, stitched in DJIFLY and uploaded to Kuula, no other adjustments apart from some sun circles


Cracking picture. I never realised how flat donny is until i started taking some footage recently

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Yeah it’s very flat. I had no idea how so until I saw it from above

Yep your about here if my memory is right

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Just to add to this thread.

Evening in Donny


How do I upload panos from the app to Kuula?
I have only ever extracted the images from the drone to pc and stitched in lightroom… Without great results


Just Doadload the photo to your camera roll then upload from your mobile, or send it to your PC/Mac and upload that way

Are you Apple or Android

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When you have done the pano, open the album in the fly app, select which pano you want and then download, the fly app will populate the pano and save it to your camera roll, then open kuula and upload single image, select the image you want press save


yeah what @milkmanchris said

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