Sunny day in Ormskirk

Some sunny pictures of Ormskirk from a week or two ago, and one from today of the sunset. My friend also snapped a cool picture of me as I was flying with the drone overhead. (HolyStone HS720E)


There’s a Starbucks on the junction of the M58 and A570 where I’ve had more meetings than I can remember, they even let me take my dog in there now :blush:

Although, not been there for a full year now!

I’ve been meaning to check out what looks like a water tower? Further up towards Scarth Hill? :thinking:

(albeit further south from where your photos were taken)


I know the Starbucks well, I drive past it going to/from home, looks a lot different now with it being takeaway only.

You’re right it is a water tower! I also drive past that when I go to/from home, it’s on Scarth Hill just before you get to the Uni. I’ve thought about going round there some time, it looks like there’s a bit of street parking available and it’s mostly fields around there so it’d be cool to fly. I’m sure it’d make for some great photos as well. :grin:

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