Sunrise on a tiny planet

A tiny planet edit of Chesterton Windmill.


Hi, nice. I have been trying to do one of these using theta+ but app problems wont let me. Can I ask how you managed it after downloading from drone

I downloaded the image from my drone and shared it to my phone via google drive and as my Mavic Air 2 has the ability to take 360 panoramic photos my phone is able to read the exif data and create these tiny planets I then just screen shot the image and edited it with SnapSeed :+1:t2:

Also you can create a free Kuula account and uploaded the 360 pano images to there and you can also create the tiny planets there as well :+1:t2:

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Top Banana mate. I also have the air 2 and did full panoramic and downloaded to iphone. Plays fine on iphone but get that silly white border round the outside. I will try what you said. Thanks.

Ahh just realised you did tiny planet picture, I was hoping to do video option and get rid of white border if yo have any ideas

Look into the free Kuula account posted above :+1:t2:

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