Sunrise over Fiddler's Bay, Loch Tay



Cheers Ben! :slight_smile:

Video footage to follow.

So that’s what a sunrise looks like.
I’m over 61years old and I’ve never been up early enough to see one.
Sunsets is more my time of day.

The sunrise in winter is as late as 7:23, in your part of the world. You’re never awake before then?

@OzoneVibe When I was younger and working I was at work by then, and now 8 -8:30 is my wake up time.

Nice pano

I caught my biggest ever fish there, 37lb pike!!!
Took me over half an hour to get into the boat

Photo or didn’t happen :wink:

I’ll try to find it, it was about 20 years ago. I think my mum made a fridge magnet from the very ropey half megapixel picture :camera_flash:

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When you’re landing a basking shark, your hands are rather full.

Fishermans tale is getting longer ;o)

Hehe, I swear it was true!!!
It was my first time trolling for pike and didnt know what I was doing. I’m used to fishing hill lochs for half pound broonies!!! It was weighed at the marina by the staff there, not too far off Scottish record I believe? The rather interesting thing was that it had bite marks on its back :astonished:. I’m going to have to spend hours and days looking for a photo now? Otherwise you chates wont believe me, fucking crettins :rofl: