lovely - I always like the start of a new day - for me Cyprus always had the best dawn’s, sitting outside real early with a bowl of kelloggs watching the sun rise up over the hills.
Nice vid, brought back some very happy memories.

Love Cyprus went for many years, did a lot of diving over there went to the other side when they opened the border just amazing :wink:

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We lived in a tiny village in the hills above Pafos, Mountains behind and in front a panoramic of the coastline.
Could go skiing in the morning in winter, and drive down for a swim in the sea in the afternoon in warm sun lol - The North is even more beautiful but ruined sadly - Kissinger has a whole lot to answer for.
Yep a fabulous island. No drones in them days sadly - what opportunities missed.

Sounds fabulous :+1:

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Cool video @Mungmeister love that last scene as you rise up and the sun just pops up over the hill. Nice job :+1:t2:

Thanks @SirGunner :+1:

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