Sunset last night

bit of practice over the back fields last night


This is awesome! I love these 360 images! Is it am App?

Some drones have software that will take a collection of pics and build a single image that sites like Kuula can use to create the 360 interactive image. I think Kuula will also allow you to upload the source images too.
It’s a free site, you should give it a go. Your profile says you own a Mavic Mini… I don’t think they have a 360 pano mode but there are some folks on YouTube that have created workarounds…


Thank you!

This is also a pretty handy video I’ve watched several times just as a refresher after not flying since November.

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shot using the 360 pano option on m2P then edited in Photoshop a little bit and uploaded to Kuula

if you need a hand give me a shout

Nice one Lee :+1:

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