Sunshade for Huawei Mediapad M5 10.1” Tablet

Hi Guys,
I want to start using the tablet on the M2P but can’t seem to find one large enough. I bought one from Amazon which was advertised as fitting a 10"-10.5" tablet but returned it same day as there was about half inch of the screen covered either side!! I presume this will be the same with all the ones that use the L200 code that some of the manufacturers use.
There is one on there from a company called DAXINYANG which is advertised as 10.5-11". Does anyone have any experience of this manufacturer or this item? Failing that, any suggestions welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Yep sadly all the L200 specs are similar. I use an Amazon one and I think an eBay one which doesn’t eliminate as much of the screen edges. If I still have the box I will have a look for a code if that helps.

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I bought the one for my mobile phone from DJI as I had some credit points to use and it does help, although I am not sure if the full price for it is justified. Rather expensive for what it is.

Anyway I have had a quick search and see bangood has various ones and saw one for the Mavic pro. Reasonable price as well. Not sure what delivery is like though.

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@silverfox682 @mhitchcock Hi Steve & Mark. Thank you both for your input. I ended up biting the bullet and ordering one from Amazon that is advertised at 10.5-11inch so hopefully that will do the job. It coming from China so wont be here until towards the end of the month, but I will let you know.