Surfs up at Pease bay

Ive slowed down the video approx 20% in order to view the breaking waves.


Cool video, John; 24fps? :thinking: I got a copyright strike when I tried that track on YT :cry:

4k@60fps then slowed down approx 20%.
How long ago did you try that audio track I’ve used a few times with no probs

Thought it looked smooth. :blush: Was early last year so just used another track. Was Elysium off Gladiator soundtrack if I recall. I’ll try again some time.:+1::crossed_fingers:

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YouTube changed its rules ref copyright music ,they copyright still get paid

Watched it on the Mavic 3 FB group, although I will admit speeding it up - sorry :joy:

Great video however.

Was 2x 40sec video clips slowed down approx 20% to make a 3 min video