Surrey Heath - Council Notice

Hi all,

Been digging to find out where to fly that isn’t Richmond Park as it’s getting busier there.

Had a look around for a few areas in and around Surrey Heath get mentioned a lot on forums.

Here is the notice from the council saying we can’t fly drones there:

One place I’ve seen mentioned a few times is Chobam Common, sadly this falls under this ban as well.

Sad to see with all these spacious and empty parks that there are fewer and fewer places to use our drones.

I’ve for a more places to research and checkout, putting this up as an FYI for anyone who might be flying there during the lockdown.

Here’s a link to Google Maps that outlines Surrey Heath: LINK

Another blanket ban based on ill informed opinions. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You can still fly over it though :slight_smile:


It was therefore proposed to introduce a Policy stating that permission would not be granted by the Council to any request to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on land owned by Surrey Heath Borough Council, whether for recreational or commercial purposes.

I wouldn’t bother asking, take off outside the and all will be good, just beware of any ‘proper’ restrictions in the area, seems very busy on DroneScene

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Thanks all for your input!

I’m not going to take the risk flying there.

To me it seems ludicrous with drones becoming popular, more people wanting to spend time outdoors and with Christmas around the corner, I’d rather people fly them in a big field than in the busy streets near airports.

Out of curiosity, risk of what ?

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