Surrey locations safe to fly?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been looking around for places to fly in Surrey. Richmond Park is the only one I’ve seen which is abundantly clear you can fly there.

On dronescene there are locations however, the local councils prohibit drone flying, take off and landing when you check. Boxhill and Surrey Hills have been mentioned and again, it is national trust land and drones are prohibited. In Surrey it seems between the national trust, crown parks, airports and local councils, there are few places to fly in the Surrey area.

One the one hand getting caught is unlikely yet it is a risk I’m not willing to take.

Are there locations in Surrey/London that are ‘green’ to fly?

Next plan would be to check the places by other members like Brighton, Wales and Birmingham. It’s a drive and would definitely be a change of scenery - shame there are so few places nearby.

Thank you in advance. If there are a few of us in the same boat, definitely up for organising a meet-up or maybe we organise a drone-trip to a place we can fly.

Mitcham Common?

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croydon airport ,morden park, beddington park, nonsuch park, pouter park, motsper park, few places near Guilford ,Albury


Thank you @scorps!

I’ll be sure to check them out :+1: