survey drone (internal voids)

hi first post.

looking for some guidance, I use a DJI mini2 to do external survey shots, but I’m looking for a drone that I could build for stable internal flight which could be used for void surveys (think ceiling voids) and have the ability to take upward and downward shots.

I have seen (online plus YouTube) the elios drone, wondering if something similar could be built but something with a smaller size and have the ability for stable / controllable flight in a small say larger than 250mm void

this is a non commercial application but I use it to aide in doing my job

presently use a 360 camera on a long selfie stick with a 360 light Ricoh theta X and halo 360 bushman light.

any suggestions for a tinywhoop that is or can be set really stable and have an upward or controllable camera?


To manouvre inside you can’t rely on GPS alone.
You’ll need an optical flow sensor / Lidar.

You need to look at Auducopter as the control software, this has been proven in these stuations, extensive commercial work etc… INAV or BETAFLIGHT just won’t do it :smile:

thanks, much appreciated for that, off to read up on arducopter

The DJI Mini 3 has a camera that will look upwards, and “Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing”.

Click on “Specs” at the top for detail.

For internal space work, you may like to built and fit some kind of prop cage, currently there does not appear to be one from DJI.

had a look at the mini3 pro. looks good but the obstacle avoidance does not work in low light like voids, does look nice though and maybe time for an upgrade from my mini 2

Hi, there’s a drone purpose built for confined space inspection work and a lot of thought has gone into it.
It’s called the Elios 2.
Good luck!

thank you, I did mention the elios in my first post. it’s a bit big and really expensive for a personal purchase. but a nice drone.

Perhaps an Anafi. Mine flew ok inside and has an upward pointing camera.

Sorry, couldn’t help it…these guys sound like experts and would help - if they weren’t already banged up :wink:

Hope you find a proper Eios 2 / Anafi etc to actually sort it, though :+1:

is it possible to use something like a gyro