Survey & Mapping operations RTK

Are there any members that conduct survey and mapping operations? What RTK machine are you using and are you using the RTK base station also.

I am looking in to P4RTK and Matrice 210RTK, also what is the better survey camera for the Matrice.

I recently saw a review saying that the crystal sky monitor was a bit fiddly because of the small screen.

Thanks in advance for responses.

It might be worthwhile going away from the closed DJI ecosystem and investigate self build airframes using something like the open source Pixhawk controller - used in a klot of commercial vehicles. There are RTK modules available for it and a host of software solutions for mapping.

Having said that you only have one manufacturer to argue with when your mission goes tits up if you go the DJI route

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Do we have any members that are involved in mapping and 3d photogrammetry? This is another topic that has lots of potential. Is there a dedicated discussion topic to this area of drone operations?

Hardware (Drones)
Hardware (Processing)
3D modelling

I am now getting involved in this particular area of operations and I have used the past 2 weeks to look at photogrammetry processing.

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Thanks, is this a dedicated topic you may consider setting up as it is a growing part of the industry!?

There’s a webinar happening later today, might be of interest to some of you:


Cheers for the heads up.

Another webinar tomorrow, could be an interesting series:

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I have been fly drones for work related activities, generating survey drawings for mining companies, does anyone else in this network do this ?, i was hoping to have a chat regarding methods and software experiences you may have

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I don’t do mining. Just getting started and trialling the processing software for the Ortjo and LAS. I am currently using QGIS to develop the maps. Which seems to work well.
QGIS is free and some great tutorials to take you through it.

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Qgis I tried, i thought it was overly complicated and time consuming, maybe I should spend a bit more on learning the software,

I’ve been learning through it this week and once you know your way around it can be simple. Obviously there are more complicated processes but I haven’t yet started at that level.

Hi t,
I’m new to the club, having joined earlier in the month. I’ve not flown a drone or even got my first one yet, but I’m looking forward to flying asap. I do have an ulterior motive however. My background is in environmental science, geography and GIS, but I’ve recently struggled to get work. So, I’m looking to learn some new skills and I’m taking some baby steps into drone surveying and mapping etc. I’m hoping it might be a way to make myself a more employable ‘package’ in the future, or even go self-employed again. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing research about drone surveying and mapping, but any advice about what I need to be studying and how to get started, from you guys on here, would be great. I do know quite a bit about the GIS apps so may be able to reciprocate the support.

Cheers, Chris

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