Swindon Drone Incident Report

Just saw this reported in the press…

I’d say wrong to kick it and would have had more sympathy if he had just reported it. Several comments suggest the pilot should be experienced and know better - asked 5 times not to fly over the garden & drone already damaged suggests it’s been well used. Pilot lived there several decades, should know the obstacles by now and find somewhere more suitable to take off & land.

I mean, this clearly happened last year … and even if it hadn’t, it’s a £1200 drone which means it ain’t sub-250g. So what was he doing flying it in the middle of Pinehurst?

Also, I’ve got my PfCO, I’ve got my GVC and I’ve got my A2 CofC. Can somebody tell me what this ‘Drone license’ is that I keep reading about? Obviously I collect permissions, so I really want this one for my set!


It also had a camera so while it might not have been recording, the pilot would be able to see the camera’s view.