Swirls forest / Browncove Crags / Lake district

Hi. Short footage from few weeks ago ,finally edited ,music done by me .Happy watching and listening !


Video Unavailable buddy
“Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.”

Thanks for let me know that I think now should work :wink: let me know if not .Thanks

All good buddy- beautiful scenery… and great music of course :wink:

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Thank you Paul :raised_hands: Greetings !! :mountain:

at exactly 8 seconds in there is a fabulous opportunity to stop and take a still photo from… would love to have been there and taken a shot in raw processed it printed it and put it up on my wall… LOL

jealous in a nice way

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Good idea Alan :slight_smile: I have to doing more pictures ,than flying around .Good point .Thanks for your comment !! :mountain:

Hi. @Jar

It’s only my opinion my friend… LOL

I’ll bet you could still (no pun intended) take a shot out of one of the frames… Less resolution but I’d put up with that just for that scene!

Beautiful, thanks for sharing

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Hi @jar, this is a superb film with a great soundtrack! For me this is what landscape filming is all about - slow & smooth. Very well done! :clap: :+1:


Thank You Mark :raised_hands: :mountain:

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Hi >Thanks for your words John :raised_hands: :mountain: Greetings .

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:wink: Greetings !

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