Switching between phone and iPad Mini 6

Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to use both my phone and my tablet.

Set up my new iPad Mini 6 and connected this to my drone.

Went out to fly today and was going to just use my phone in my controller.

However neither of my drones would pair to my phone - hitting pair did nothing. I had no issue using pairing before I used the iPad Mini.

Is there a secret to using more than one device?

It wasn’t the controller as I tried both.

Which drone?

They don’t pair to your phone. They pair to the controller.

Both Air 2 and Mini 2

Appreciate that, but the app is on my phone and tablet - using the same controller - but I have to re-pair every time I switch between the two drones.

But today on my phone neither would pair.

Had to get my iPad in order to fly.

Once your controller is paired to the drone, you should never need to re-pair that drone/controller combination.

always have to - the controller forgets the drones

Never had a problem pairing if using the same controller for two different drone, using both my phone or iPad. First thing I’d suggest is check for lint/dirt in the phone’s socket