Syma X8C found in Bangor, NI

My sister (who lives in Bangor NI has found this drone in her back garden. Apart from being DJI I have no idea of the model. However if you recognise it as yours please get in touch. No flyer ID on it.

The make of this is syma rather than DJI.

The range in these will be at most 100meters so I’d suggest maybe a notice in the local shop would help as they’re definitely local

Hello Howard,
Thank you - I saw the DJI stickers on top of it (see pic) and thought it was an earlier DJI model. My sister is holding on to it to see if anyone locally makes enquiries. But she doesn’t know how long it was there - it was in a bunch of shrubbery between her garage and the next door neighbour’s house. It wasn’t discovered until her gardener went around in between the garage and the next door property to trim the shrubbery so it could have been there a long time.
Thanks for the reply.

Does the camera have an SD card in it - maybe possible to see where it took off from

Hello MartG1950,

My sister hasn’t got the faintest about anything to do with drones - but I have asked her to look if there is an SD card slot in the camera housing and if there is an SD card in it. I’ll see what she says.
Thanks again.

That battery looks very swollen, I would dispose of it asap :wink:

   Have a look at this resent thread:

Hello Sparkyws,
I’ve passed your comments on to my sister and asked her to put the battery is a water tight box outside somewhere and not keep it in the house.
Thanks for the tip - better safe than sorry.