Tablet and phantom 3 standard

Hi all. New to the drone flying. Only had my p3s a few days. Waiting for better weather to fly it!.
I have a Samsung Galaxy A6 7" Tablet which I linked via Wi-Fi to my drone but just thought of something. Do I need an internet connection when out in the field for the maps to load in the dji go app?. The tablet has Wi-Fi but doesn’t have a SIM card slot.

If you need the maps (personally I rarely bother - see below) you would need to load these before heading out, or use your phone as a wifi hotspot to obtain them. There’s an “Offline Map” option of the menu in the Go4 app home page.

The phone I use with my MP is dedicated to it, and always in airplane mode - I want there to be the minimum chance of something (SMS/Notification/Etc) interrupting me, or - more importantly - the DJI app. Personal preference.

You still have a blank map that shows heading, relative position and track, which are all I find I really need.

Part of the reason I rarely bother with maps is that if you are just out for the day, and you don’t have any destination particularly in mind, it’s impossible to know which map areas to load. I did a driving tour of Italy for 3 months, last summer, and rarely knew where I was headed each day, let alone where I was going to want to fly. Offline maps just weren’t at all practical. :wink:

Edit: Ahhh …. P3S … that uses the Go (without the 4) app. Not totally familiar with that, but I’m guessing it’s not wildly different ftom the Go4 app.

This might help as well.
Like Dave (@OzoneVibe) I rarely bother.

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