Tablet holder for DJI Mavic Air advice


Hi everyone ,

Hopefully I have put this topic in the correct area , if it is not I apologize in advance.

I need some advice please , I want to use my Samsung galaxy tab with my mavic air remote. I was thinking of buying one of these:

I’m worried that It will weaken the signal from the antennas due to not being able to position them in the correct orientation.

Have any of you lost any signal while using anything like this?



I have a similar setup for my Mavic Pro controller.
The reason for this was so I could still see the details presented on the controller without the tablet obscuring it. It doesn’t get in the way of the antennas .
The only issue I see with this setup is that it mounts to your controller by being wrapped around it and in my case , the air vents get partially obstructed .


Ihave the Mavmount for my Air. Very well built and can be put in several positions. I use it with a ipad mini. If you get it get the lanyard to


thanks for your advice guys


I think this one ticks all the boxes for me.


+1 for MavMount. Not the cheapest, but beautifully made with quality materials that will resist the wear/wobble that sometimes affect cheaper types.
Has accessories available too and arrived quickly from the US.


I use this with my Mavic Air and works really well. Probably not as well built as the Mavmount but quite a bit cheaper. The plate locks in well to the controller and all fold up really well.


Thanks again for your help everyone , does any of you use a sun shade for your screens also?


Never got round to buying one but keep meaning too!


I use a sunshade with the above Kuuqa holder and it works great.


I have one but always forget to take it
I have the lifthor again forget to take it with me or the iPad and end ups with the phone


don’t get me wrong the Lifthor is a great piece of kit


Bang em on yer check-list.


Then you need a pre-check list with “Check list” on it.




No I need my memory back…
Damn this age thing going upstairs and forgetting whet you went up for…
Yep to use the toilet


Do/Can these mounts interfere with the antenna (range) in anyway? Does the tablet then interfere with the antenna range?


Never noticed that at all Chann.

Like Jeff, the only problem I ever had was remembering to take them. Not so much an issue now as I have an older iPad just for this now.


And my iPad belongs to the wife so I have to be careful