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Has anyone ever used one of these power banks
to charge Mavic air batterys it has a UK 3 pin socket on the top

Got a link?


Not used one personally mate.

Going by specs alone ,you will get around an hour charge time with the 50w air charger.

Few of the reviews saying it will charge a spark or Mavic.

No mention of if it’s square or modified sine wave either.

I was thinking about a portable solution few months back. The 12v DC to 220v AC and back down to 12V DC is quite inefficient, especially if the inverter is a square wave type. You lose a lot of capacity to losses in the transformer.

My thinking was that a high capacity 12v powerbank or Lion golf cart battery might be better and paired with the DJI car charger.

Edit - maybe not. The dji car charger has low voltage protection so you can start the car, probably wouldn’t work well unless you had a steady voltage throughout the discharge.