Taken by the Mrs on Filey Brig


Great photo (Mrs) @Frank - looks like you’re summoning it down from the skies through the rays of sunshine :rofl:

Haha I was. Cheers mate :+1:

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That is one nice picture. :+1:

Cheers mate👍

Oooooo . Moody shot Frank .

Cheers Shane, how’s the music video coming on mate?

Just uploading now Frank . Stay tuned

Pray to the M2Z . I command you to take the shot .


Great composition :+1:

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Lorrrddd thats ace! :+1:

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Fantastic pic😁

Thanks Ash

Thanks mate

Really nice shot, great light and good composition…

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Blimey Frank. Your Missus has as much talent as you for photography. Look forward to seeing her photos as well as yours. This is worthy of publication in a drone magazine.

Yeah she’s loving all these comments, cheers Brian. She might not mind me spending on more cameras because of this🤔

Be careful Frank.
She might be taking control of Mavic 2 Zoom next

Ahhh never thought of that :thinking::sob::sob: