Taking a narrow view

I’ve nearly always used a wide-angle lens. As a student I hand a very second-hand Nikon F and a 28mm lens and that combo served as my only kit for five years.

So today I did something different, put my 195mm “portrait” lens on my Nikon and went for permitted recreation out of my hotel down to the canal. Very much a learning curve, trying to see in “telephoto” but it’s alot easier to take pics if there is no agonising over lens choice!

I’m a wee bit proud of this last one as it is shot, hand held, no support using a 105mm lens at 1/8sec :slight_smile:


Great shots Rob. You must have a steady hand! The movement in that water is fantastic :clap:

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Nice shot mate what shutter speed did you have set for water mist

105 mm lens. Hand held 1/8 second

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What you shooting on Robert ? Is there a crop factor too ?

Full frame (D750) You can get wider zooms an primes for full frame - I have a 12-24 and a 28mm f1.8 which is my srandard full frame lens.

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Love the last 2!