Here’s my attempt at a short video, not the quality of the original from the mavic of course and have to say the time it took farting about to get it into the editor makes me think I’ll probably stick to still photography until I can afford a PC Capable of dealing with the original footage
Thanks Ozone and Callum for the advice to get me this far, in the end I managed to edit the original footage in Movie Studio Handbrake rendered it a mess and took 5 hours (no doubt user error)

Talgarth-2 from Larry Underwood on Vimeo.


Nice and slow
Good with the music too

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Give the conversion another try in Avidemux - it won’t take anywhere near that long! it’s far less easy to get a parameter wrong.

Also - for future video, if you set it to record in H264 you won’t have to faff with conversion anyway.


Also - if you just copy/paste the Vimeo link into its own line on here, you get an embedded player …


Nice vid, btw! :+1:

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Great video and what an interesting location. :+1:

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Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

what was the site originally?

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I was thinking exactly the same thing, it looks fascinating.

Well ok I found out and thought it was a mental health hospital

Much like where I used to work but the buildings had gone
Which had its own train station one way in though

Nice one, thanks. My guess would have been prison. :roll_eyes:
A couple of aerial snaps would liven up the Wikipedia page :+1:

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Very cinematic, I like that, it might have taken some time to edit but it was worth it

Great video, especially for your first try!
Bring on the next one…