Taught some friends to fly today

I was camping with some friends this weekend, took the Mavic Pro with me (like you do) so I could take some photos around the area (Carsington, Derby).

Spent some time showing my friends how to fly, it got a bit close at one point…

As a relatively new pilot myself, I’ve never drained a battery (I have flymore, so I always play it safe). One of my friends flew for about 18 mins and landed back safely, but my friend, well, she got a bit carried away and very nearly used an entire battery :open_mouth:

Thankfully she was on her way back and was literally about 20 feet away from landing when the auto-landing alarm kicked in.

So alas, even though this is now on my Airdata account, I can’t technically claim it as being mine:


Some other time perhaps :smiley:

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