TBS Sixty9 bind issues


Anyone having issues and found a solution for TBS Sixty9 bind?

It will find 69, update it and get stuck on “binding” the led is fixed on red on 69.

I can’t seem to find the micro TX 6.06 beta firmware listed on TBS Agent (after enabling beta in settings).

I have reached out to TBS and will share anything I get from them.

In the meantime, anyone with any other ideas?


It’s been removed from AgentX for a know binding bug use AgentM web plugin.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:


Ive had the same problem and have done exactly the same.

Just waiting on a reply from tbs

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Exactly what @DeanoG60 posted. Its a bug in the Agent X version. I had the same issues updating my Mambo and binding. The Agent M solution worked perfectly :ok_hand:t2: Link below for Agent M


Same for you @Howard78 this will work mate :+1:t2:

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How long does it usually take to load up?

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It’s normally quite quick. I think they said Chrome or Edge browser. Which browser are you using?

Chrome 92.0.4515.131

It gets stuck on load and then disconnects. Different USB ports and cables used :(.

Guess I’ll just have to wait until it is available on Agent X.

Does it detect the Micro TX when you plug it in?

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It does, I can change the settings on it too and it will save.

As soon as Firmware is selected, the green icon goes grey after about 30secs

Does it start the firmware upload? I know when I did mine it disconnects and you have to click on the “connect usb” again. It’s something to do with the drivers on the Web version not having permission to reconnect automatically. Mine is a Mambo though not a Sixty9

Updated! Turns out my firewall was blocking it!

Thanks for helping out @SirGunner

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No worries glad you got it sorted @FlyingWithoutWings :+1:t2:

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Same problem for me.

Keep getting this error

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Try edge? And check your firewall settings as well.

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I know nothing about Macs but can you use edge on Mac?

Will give it a go. Will get the disinfectant out once I’m done with edge :rofl:

same issues on edge too

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Must be the firewall unless the site is down

Nah, no firewall on either.
Gonna buy a vtx and use another receiver I already have - probably be quicker at this rate

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