Tees Newport Bridge, Middlesbrough


Superb video buddy👏🏻

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Great video. Great edit and music soundtrack. We

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Thanks :+1:

Hi Andy, great video. I live in the “Boro” and remember when the bridge was in daily use, going up and down for the ships, wish it was still working, that would have made a great video.

Yes, I can remember when it used to lift up and down. Think the last lift was early 90’s and people were allowed to ride it up. :+1:

I was one of 3 that were in the control box for its last lift before we decommissioned it.
I worked for County Council as it was back then

Wow! That’s quite something to have done, real local history. I would’ve loved to see it lift for the final time but I was working overseas at the time.