Tele lense for mini 3/pro

Ive had a dig around the internet and done a quick search on here but didnt see what I was after. My daily drivers are my mini 3 pro and Air3.

Since the Air3 arrived I found myself using the 70mm camera a lot. Sometimes not just for the shot but to keep a safe distance from what Im filming.

There has been a few occasions where the mini 3 is more suitable due to where im flying from but then Im missing having the additional tele camera.

Has anyone heard of anyone modifying a mini camera to have a permanent tele lense? 50 or 70mm would be ideal. I would keep my current mini 3 pro standard but was thinking of picking up a crash damaged one to fix and modify or a new one on ebay or in a sale and just carry the extra drone for these specific shots.

Ive see the wide angle lense but I want to do the opposite. Im an engineer with some electronics experience and a 3D printer if it comes to it :grin:

Any thoughts appreciated.

I’ve not heard of a mod like this before, but watching with interest in case someone has :slight_smile:


I quite like this idea but I fear from a technical point of view that it won’t be possible. The wide angle is basically an extra lens in front of the fixed lens on the camera. It doesn’t do a great job to be honest ( I was not impressed by it ) so to get a 50 or 70mm equivalent you would have to stack a few lenses to get the focal length right unless you plan to butcher the camera on the Mini 3 Pro to retrofit a new lens system to it.

Then comes the weight difference on the gimble as its all balanced so you would have to tell the system to calibrate for that too. It was a firmware upgrade that let you use the wide angle lens on the gimble.

It would be cool if it could be done and even better if it still kept the drone under the 250g too but its very unlikely to be able to get this if you wanted really good quality optics.


Yeh agreed it would be a challenge. If nothing out there is available the way I see it theres no harm keeping an eye on ebay for parts to experiment with such as a crash damaged mini 3 and a gymbal. Bit of a strange use case so probably going to have to build something myself which Im not scared to do if the right parts at the right price fall into place.

Like I said no plans to strip down my good mini 3 pro.