Tello at Tuckton / Christchurch

Tello at Tuckton/Christchurch
This is the first time I have flown it outdoors apart from in the garden.
The first problem was a rather persistent Jack Russel dog, He was running around after it and leaping into the into the air in an attempt to catch it, then the battery was about to run out so tried to land it on the bench I was sat next to, I was sat on my mobility scooter, so as it came into land the Jack Russel leapt onto the bench and up again and caught the Tello in his mouth!!! The Jack Russel then dropped it and ran off to its owners.
The Tello was fine but had lost a couple of props, which I found after a few minutes. The Jack Russel’s owner were appologetic, but no damage was done, I was more worried that they may cause trouble, but not the case, there were a few other people arround and they only showed interest and no objections.
This was my first real attempt with video from the Tello, this is in its raw state and not too impressed.

I took the Tello up to 20m and it seemed reasonably stable which I was quite impressed with, there was very little wind however so it was not getting blown away and was still easy to control.
The only thing I would like to be able to do is to slow down the yaw and other controls like you can with my MP. so if anyone knows how can you let me know.

The jerkiness / missing frames seems unusual. Did you slap in an ordinary memory card? You might need a faster one for video.

I’ve not come across a way of adjusting the control sensitivity yet. If I do I’ll let you know.

The jerkiness in that video is puzzling. You should certainly be getting a lot better than that. Compare it to this, also filmed on Tello (lifted from a post on DJI Tello Forum):

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@SteveBell The Tello doesn’t have a card, its all sent to your phone by wifi.

@PaperCrane Thanks if you find any way of reducing the sensitivity it would be great. As for the jerkiness I’m not sure why it happened, there is a big difference compared to the video you posted. I’ll have to give it another try and see.

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In that case I’d wonder whether the downlink quality was good enough and/or the phone’s processing ability to both run the app and save the video at the same time.

My phone is an S8, so its not a slouch, I have a 128GB Sandisk Ultra in the phone, but it doesn’t use the card anyway it saves the video on the internal memory which has about 25GB of spare space. There were a lot of trees behind me so I don’t know if that would affect the wifi connection?

Having watched the clip to the end … I see the problem persisted to when it was pretty much in your hand … so not signal related (unless the location is totally swamped in wi-fi devices and APs - try the “Wifi Analyser” app to scan before flying - and try a location that’s remote from wifi APs, too) - and even when not rotating (had it been only when rotating I’d have had another idea).

There’s almost a regularity to the twitches - almost as if it’s recording key-frames and then struggling with the inter-frames in the video compression (the results would be very different if it was the other way about). That would suggest a processing bottleneck at one end or the other.

Personally, and If you can, I’d try on another phone/device and see if that changes the problem (for the good or the bad) … preferably a device with nothing else installed to eliminate other possible problems … even a slightly older, lower spec, phone than the S8.

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Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll see what I can do next time I’m out with it. I can certainly give the WiFi Analyser a go.
The guy in the video isn’t me by the way, but he was with me. I was trying to land on the case for the Tello which was sitting on the bench, didn’t quite get it right,

From previous posts you’ve made, had it been, I’d have been after the name of your plastic surgeon! :wink:

I assumed you’d not be flying that close to someone flying FPV only … so I guessed you were right up close.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yeah, he was sitting on the same bench, didn’t help that he moved the case just as I was about to land on it.

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You have an android phone so you have access to the ATello Pilot app (not available for iOS). This allows you to adjust the sticks.

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