Tello instability after update solved


Don’t know if anyone else has had a problem with the firmware update but after updating mine it was like flying a completely different bird. Frequent but intermittent instability, rising and falling without input, wobbling for no apparent reason.
I had tried IMU calibration and gravity calibration with no improvement.
I finally reset the Tello ( 5 second press of the power button) then reconnected to my Tello. The app now showed the firmware version as, I ran the firmware update again and this time she behaves perfectly.
Hope this helps someone


Good to know @Mike357, thanks for sharing mate :+1:t2:


What was the update for? I’m surprised a small and somewhat basic drone is still getting updates.

If it’s not adding new features then I’d personally stay away from updates if all is working fine.

Been looking on ebay recently for Tellos. Don’t know why :upside_down_face:


Update supposed to improve video with less dropped frames, ind improve stability with prop guards. They’re pretty good little gadgets for when our typical UK weather prevents flying the big toys lol, Takes away the frustration when it’s raining, which might be why your looking on eBay . I’ve had a couple of toy mini drones to use indoors but they don’t come close to the Tello which is a lot of fun, cheap and surprisingly tough if you misjudge the clearance at speed. :+1:t2:


How fast does it go?

I just ordered a Eachine E61 for my nephew but if it’s good I’ll probably keep it for myself lol.


It’s got 2 speeds, slow for starting out and fast which is pretty quick. It’s about 3 times the price of the eachine e65, imho well worth it. Uses vision positioning to keep it from drifting and help maintain steady height. Range up to 100 metres depending on WiFi congestion in the area. Can easily be improved using xaiomi repeater if WiFi in the area is bad. Takes pretty good photos, video is okay, not up to pro level UAVs but excellent at the price point. It’s fairly robust with the prop guards fitted.