Temple Hall (shipwreck) Lanzarote

I took my Mavic Pro to Lanzarote a few weeks ago and came across an old shipwreck, I was getting loads of magnetic interference so I didn’t fly for so long so the composition isn’t up to much as it was near a very industrial zone with loads of CCTV cameras

More pics on my Flickr account but being a new user I can only post 1 image.


I look forward to seeing more shots… theres a shipwreck not too far from where I work that I want to have a buzz around.

Wow, that’s a GREAT image!
Do please post more when you can. Great detail - I guess you shoot in RAW format?

Amazing photo Billy!

I’m always wary around interference too - you never know what it might do…

Please feel free to share a link to your account/page :smiley:

Thanks for the comments and yes I always shoot in RAW I also usually bracket 3 shots just in case.

Super shot, @Blue172. It more than deserves our Strange Sightings badge. :slight_smile:


Great shot @Blue172 . Have a like on me.:+1:

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