Temporary Restricted Area FL125 - Assistance


I live in the catchment area of Gatwick. Approx 4 miles from airport. Would never fly directly around the airport obviously.
But where I do live the NATS app shows that My local parks, open spaces have a temporary flight restriction of “No Fly Zone”
It further states “This piece of airspace is in effect above FL125”

I can’t find clarification anywhere if I can simply practice with my DJI Spark by flying it at a max altitude of 30ft or no higher than surrounding tree tops.

Does the “In effect FL125” mean I can fly up to that ? Not that I would as I understand that is 12500 ft.

I may have all of this wrong and simply cannot fly the Spark, but I also fly kites in the area and some of my lines are 30 meters (100ft Approx) long.

Any expert clarification gratefully received.


I may be wrong here but you may have the Upper Airspace selected within the app. Click on the hamburger top left, this should show what options are on/off


That translates into 12,500ft (give or take for pressure variations) and isn’t a problem.

As @Paul_M says - that upper level info can simply be switched off in the NATS app. (One day I won’t spot that spell checker is certain I mean ANTS app!)


Wow, Switched Upper Airspace off and don’t get the NFZ FL125 warning, its still red but with advisory to comply with the Dronecode.

Obviously Drones are a big thing round here at the moment ! In Redhill, 5 miles north of LGW, there was a full Police, NPAS deployment following a drone sighting above the town. An hour later and many thousands of pounds on resources spent, it was established that it was the red light on top of a crane… Doh!!!



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