That Reminds Me


I think it might be fun to have an association page, photos can come from any source and the only rule is they must have some association with the preceding one, it can be obvious or more oblique. For example the first is of a train and the next one is a car, or a door, don’t explain the association but you may be challenged for an explanation if it is too vague!
Lets give it a go




Lol. Took me a minute to realise it was Popeye the SAILOR.



Is that you Brian!? Great shirt!


Brian you look nothing like Popeye, you don’t even have a pipe!

I’m challenging that association :slight_smile:


It’s meeeee


Popeye the sailorman, (boat/water) I’m on a boat on the water. Ta da…


Ahhh right!

Ok, challenge withdrawn :rofl:






Nope, give us a clue!!


Goats testicles indeed, the things you learn (Dr John Brinkley)


Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” Chrissie Brinkley


Ah. Didn’t recognise her.


but, you got the brinkley bit !


It took a few seconds once you explained who it was. Tenuous


Pitcher & Piano - Billy Joel (Piano man) - Christie Brinkley (BJ’s wife) - John Brinkley