The air ambulance landed and it gave me an idea


Haha, nicely done. I was waiting for you to land on the hospital helipad and see the surprised reactions of the waiting doctors. :wink:


That is genius :rofl:

Very well done mate :smiley:

You’ve just become the first person in the club to earn the Movie Director badge :+1:

Nice one Steve - we’ll done.:clap:

clever :grinning::grinning:

Fantastic mix, you made it so believable.

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Did a little more work and made something a bit more cinematic


Very Well Shot StevenPSCC You got my home in the frame at 1.21 How cool is that Join the web site and within 3 mins I am now watching footage from above of my home .


I LOVE this :smiley:

You should send it to these guys!!

LOL! What are the odds?? SUCH a small world :slight_smile:


Love this, really well put together and a great bit of fun footage. Well done.

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Thanks actually forgot I did this it’s on my old YouTube

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Loooooong time no see @StevenPSCC !

How are ya mate??

I’m good thanks, you ? I have been popping in and out having a read. Just not posting too much on drone stuff, got fed up of all the ‘politics’ (not on here) in the drone world.

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Good thanks my man.

The politics are about to get a whole lot worse when the EASA stuff kicks in on 31st December this year :grimacing:

Glad to see you’re still around :+1:t2: