The Albion Square development in Hull

This area of Hull (Kingston upon hull) is currently under redevelopment as Albion Square. This a simple drone flight to capture the area before its all changed so we have a record of how it looked.
This includes the amazing Three Ships Mosaic Mural, made from 950,400 tiles!!!
The mural is made from 4,224 panels, each 1 foot (30 cm) square and each containing 225 Tesserae - cubes of Italian glass - over one million in all. The panels are fixed to a 66 by 64 feet (20 by 20 m) curved concrete screen attached to the wall.

This area includes my favourite Cider pub The Hop and Vine on Albion Street.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried Velocity ramps too, which Ive timed to coincide with the music.



@comedyhunter Nicely done Andy, I enjoyed that. :+1:

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Smooth flying skills, bravo! Great music choice.

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Thanks, happy Christmas

Thanks, I spend a lot of time selecting music as its just as important as the video

100% agree with you on that one. I use Epidemic sound myself.

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Yes the right music can lift your footage and using the wrong music can destroy it. Its just as important as the visuals.