The Avata don't half take some stick, but

…watch out for this…

If you take a look at the left side of the drone, you can see the gimble grommet has come out of its placement​:unamused:.This happened early doors, in sport mode, not manual. I’m thinking some branch made a direct hit on the gimble. They’re a barsteward to get back in​:confused:, Yer have to take the prop guards off for a clear stab at it. I was smashing it tbh, nothing ventured nothing gained​:grin:, got some great footage :+1::joy:. But all it takes is just one crack. At least it saved the gimble from being obliterated, that’s one thing. I’ve seen a couple more cases online, but the grommit has come out all together :thinking:. And don’t whether DJI will supply them. Just watch out guys! :grin: Happy flying!

Here’s a reddit link to another case.

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