The Avata's Greatest hits

As requested by Howard (@Howard78), a little compilation of not so ‘cinematic footage’ from my last weekend flying sesh with the Avata. I actually could have filled a good 10 minutes!:rofl::rofl:
The main perpetrators for the majority of the rap ups was wet grass from the dew and the Avata not wanting to descend quick enough when at speed when operated with the motion controller. NO pilot error… :crazy_face::rofl:
No damage done to the drone, apart from a grommet pooping out of the gimble damper👍
Tbh aswell, some of the crunches when I watched them back making the vid, didn’t half make me cringe​:grimacing: I hit some of them at a fair pace :rofl:

Here’s the vid anyways


Great vid, well put together :clap: :clap: :clap:

Loved the crashes as well, that little drone can take some shit :+1:

Cheers @Sparkyws :+1:. Onto concrete objects this weekend :hushed:

Excellent vid

Hi @Leylo1971
I haven’t flown FPV but really like the look of this drone.
One thing that puts me off is that I thought the “rules” stated that if you flew FPV you have to have a spotter??
This would rule out FPV for me as every time I ask one of my friends if they want to come flying drones they roll their eyes , so finding a spotter would prove somewhat difficult.
Do you guys always use a spotter or do you “open interpret” the rules ??

Brilliant Ady - really made me laugh :clap: :clap: :clap:

Absolutely love this man!

Some great footage and well put together.

Brilliant :star_struck:

@Scuba0576, hi mate, yeah I just drag my missus out with me. Most of the times she gets watered and fed, so she doesn’t complain, my only rule is she stays outta shot🤣. It is a pain in the arse, but the rules is the rules😒. I’m no seasoned pro, your better gettin onto one of the other lads.

Haha, steady on a bit :rofl:. Cheers anyway, you just give us the idea, and tbh the clips would have ended up in the recycle bin.
I actually enjoyed do this vid, not done that for while, mostly all samey samey ‘cinematic’ stuff😒. NNNOT NOW! THE AVATA HAS LANDED!!!

@Jhdee Thanks mate, appreciated👍. Enjoyed doing it😁.

Thanks mate👍

I’ve posted a few crash videos. It’s what fpv’s all about -pushing some boundaries.

Makes it more fun too.

You are a lucky man !!
IF I tried to drag my missus along she would tell me exactly where to go AND how to get there , and then what I could do with my drones when I got there :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Wow, it can take quite a beating. Would love to have a try on one

Great video - you are managing transmission better than I am in wooded areas - at around 1250 feet and behind any trees I find I am getting a lot of video transmission break-ups - I realise it is the European CE issue and I could jailbreak to FCC but I imagine it could invalidate my warranty as well as being illegal (although of course really hard to detect)

Yeah, 300m was around my limit, and that was on a level field with no obstacles :tired_face:. It was poor. A lot of people have found the same. I’m using the ‘ham’ text file which copied into the goggles. FCC mode. I don’t want to go careering off into the distance with this thing, but I do expect decent transmission for near 1500 quid, legal or not​:grin:. Besides, the way I see it is, if I can loose signal behind the top of a tree 125m away, and loose control, that’s quite dangerous for other people, I had no confidence in the drone.:unamused:
Don’t know about the warranty side of things🤔

The fun side is what I’m enjoying, don’t get me wrong I love flying the Air 2S, but, the fpv slant just gives me a proper buzz​:grin::grin::grin:. Even the crashes…never a failure always a lesson​:+1:. It gives me some bloody exercise retrieving the sodding thing once I’ve stuffed it aswell​:rofl::rofl:
I’ll try take a look at ya vids if I can find em, cheers Howard👍


That little drone can sure take some punishment!
Thanks for the excellent video… and narrative.