The Campsies

The Campsies, Just to the north of Glasgow


That road :heart_eyes: @callum have you taken your toy along this yet? :red_car:

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Not yet, although I’d probably end up in that stream.

Will need to take a drive up when I’m allowed to leave Ayrshire again.


Campsie Glen if I’m not mistaken? Great 360!

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It is, up the Crow Road. It’s normally a lot busier than today which makes me wary of flying there but it was dead quiet today!


Cracking picture. Please post some more. I miss Scotland and the ability to jump in a car from GLA and be in the wide open spaces in minutes.

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I’ll do my best but the weather is always a challenge :joy:

Here’s one from earlier

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Another cracker.
Spent 20 years working at Glasgow Airport for Flybe. I think it rained for 19 1/2 of those :roll_eyes:
Down south now and locked in. What a turn around :disappointed_relieved:

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