The centre of Hayling


It looks tiny like this :slight_smile:


It’s in the info - around 20k last time I checked. Island is effectively a triangle 5 miles by 3. There are a lot of caravan sites which means the population rises in the summer. Three holiday camps remain from the five that were going when I moved here - the two closed ones are now housing.

Although the planners have abandoned work on the sea defences on the west of the island they are determined to cover the land with new housing although he road system cannot cope with peak traffic at the moment.

Many people want to move to the island for the sea and the rural atmosphere, not realising that building the houses to accommodate them will destroy many aspects of the life they are looking forward to. There are few jobs that are not connected to the holiday trade unless you commute off the island, traffic is slow-moving during the rush hours and, on a sunny weekend it will take well over an hour to travel the five miles to the bridge.

The population is skewed toward the retired and the elderly, there are a disproportionate number of care homes on the island. The surgeries and chemists are overrun with the unwell. There is little for young people to do and no late-night transport - returning from a film or a night out off the island is only possible by taxi. Vandalism, drug-taking and petty crime are above average.

Apart from that, it’s a great place to live.



Thanks for the insight, my bad for not clicking the info button :+1:t2: