The Coltman VC Peace Wood

My video today for the local parish council.
MM2 , edited with Power Director 19 ultimate.


I’ve subscribed as your just down the road from me, I drove through Winshill yesterday !
some nice footage in that video. Like the circling of the stone and also the concept of following the path with the drone.
Just one observation at 0:15 the footage is stuttering, is that a frame rate miss match in your editor or something ? as in you shot it as 30fps but your editing on a 25fps template or is it something else causing that?


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Editing in 25fps I believe!

Well spotted :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for feedback. :+1:

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Did you manually fly around the stone or use a quickshot?

Quick shot, not that good yet! :grin:

What an amazing video. Also what a beautiful place so much history and so fitting too.

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