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Didn’t this give it away even if you don’t recognise it … which I’d have thought most people would.


Couple from Friday afternoon - This is Frensham Great Pond in the Surrey Hills area


Mate, it’s only the first bleedin suspension Bridge in the world! Yer man brunel put it up in 1830 something when he wasn’t transforming railways and ocean liners…

I shot some video too, which I’ll sort out and post in a bit. Flew under it which was obviously nerve wracking.




Well, that’s what I learnt today :blush:


There’s got to be a badge for that??


Yeah I think it’s called a GCSE nowadays though :blush:


Far, far more important than spotting gaps in member knowledge (which is fun! :wink: ) is awarding the Industrial Revolution Badge for an absolutely perfect example of that incredible period in global history! :+1:


I’m honored to accept, although I’m getting this sneaking suspicion that there is, in fact, an infinite number of badges. Am i right?


There’s the Infinite Badges Badge.


Ooooh…we’re just hamsters in your wheel, O.V! truly evil…


Not visually stunning, rather boring, but it was a simple short flight which I’ve always wanted to do.
Here in the York area it’s as foggy as heck, with low cloud and I’ve been meaning to get a flight above the low cloud. And finally I made it.


I’ve done the same, and my shots have never been award winners … but there is something very satisfying when you get a shot of blue skies and sunshine when you’re standing in cold, damp fog.

A couple of hours earlier you may have got the sunrise … that can be cool, too! :+1:

Either way - you get the Misty Moments Badge. :wink:


Ha. It was early enough in the freezing fog after walking the dog…brrr. Poor dog had the fastest walk ever so I could get back to get my drone up


There is most definitely a finite number of badges.

Which are all listed here: :blush:


One of Bishop Vesey’s bridges built around 1520.


I really like this. It’s simple and fresh, and how the sun has resolved is really nice!


And hear we go my first night photography. First off is a distance shot of the avonmouth bridge next to avonmouth and shirehampton

And second is a straight down pic of part of where I work. Obviously taken whilst the 2 engineers standing in the car park below were hard at work.


Very much last of light just north of Scarborough on Saturday. Wee bit blustery. First time over the sea and hadnt planned on even taking any photos as I was too scared to hang out there for every long so happy to have captured these from a nice quiet spot. :sweat_smile::grin:

…But it didnt half feel exciting lol

Will be heading back there with better light conditions for sure. :+1:


Another bonus from those anxious minutes … The Coastal Flyer Badge! :+1:

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