The Daily Photo Thread


A little dabble with Hyperlight feature of my local town of Retford, Notts


Gets you the Night Flyer Badge! :+1:


I am looking forward to sewing all these badges onto the sleeve of my GADC jumper I tell ya ! :grin::+1:


Royal portbury docks from the typhoon h plus

Not sure which ship is in dock tho😁


That should get you a night flyer badge!! Don’t you find it’s difficult to see where you are even flying at night? The pics always come out better than the view of the phone screen I find…especially when shooting video


What’s that feature on?


The typhoon h plus has a lovely ground station with built in tablet. The screen I find is amazing at night and extremely good in day time. The Mp I fly with moverio glasses which helps cut sun glare down so you get a good picture veiw


It should, and it does, get you the Night Flyer Badge! :+1:


Badge eligibility spotting should have its own badge eh?


I don’t know you should see some of the spot the ball entries. Lmao​:joy::joy::joy:


@OzoneVibe thankyou😁



Its a shot mode on the M2P. .Kind of like HDR for dark scenes.


Very nice, love the light


Were they taken “by drone”? If not they should be posted in #non-drone.

You can add to The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread! or create your own thread.


Yup wrong thread. Forgot which way round I was posting! Deleted to be replaced


I suppose I should post these in here…
Prypiat (Chernobyl), Ukraine :ukraine:


Fantastic pics. A few days over 30 years ago when this hit the headlines


Those flats are probably quite cheap to rent … but I don’t like the Russian cold :snowman_with_snow:


Cawood Bridge.

*no badge required ;o)


Definitely still need my ‘L’ plates badge. Went out last night for a vey quick flight giving a slight lull in the weather. Had spotted some local farmers working in nearby fields so thought that#d be an interesting shot to take :

2 Really basic errors:

  1. Shutter speed way too low, so busy trying to draw in more light I totally overlooked the longer exposure.

  2. Was so impatient to just snap a few photos I didnt even look at the result whilst there. :woozy_face::see_no_evil: This wouldve fixed the No1 !!!

Still learning. Always learning. :+1: